Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Does US want Mr. Mushraff to die?

United States is understood to have withdrawn the security it makes available to Mr. Mushraff as a former Head of State. It is said, that hereafter he will have to undergo security checks at airports. He has to submit his body for frisking etc.

Okay. How long we can expect an alien Nation to provide security for a former Head of the State of a country, who have lost his domestic authority base.

But one doubt may linger in readers' minds:

Is U.S. resorting this action after coming to know that he provided a safe passage to Osama Bin Laden for entering and taking refuge in Abbotabad? Did U.S. not know earlier that Laden would be treated like a guest in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan?

U.S., somehow, did not bother about it earlier. It turned a blind eye hitherto. It has got up now with a jolt.

U.S. now feels that Mushraff is on the otherside of the fence and needs/deserves now protection. At the sametime, it may not want the C.I.A. to undertake the task of annihilating Mr. Mushraff. Thus, U.S. seems to be ditching Mushraff.

This ditching should teach a lesson to all the cunning, despotic and tyrannic rulers of South Asia.

Can we acccept the statements of Mr. Nawaz Sharif on their face value?

Nawaz Sharif (Former Prime Minister of Pakisthan):

The civilian government must itself run foreign policy and India should not be treated as an enemy country.

I found the above news in the hard copy print of an Indian newspaper. But I am unable to trace it on the internet in spite of my best effort. Mr. Shariff was said to have given the above statement while speaking at a meeting in Sindh, Hyderabad, Pakisthan.

Did Nawaz Shariff really say the above quote?
If he said it, was he really serious?
If he was really serious, what percentage of Pakisthan's population subscribe to his idea?
If majority Pakisthani citizens are going to support Shariff's view, will the Pakisthani army allow it?

Did Shariff lose his Prime Ministership in the past, owing to his excessive friendliness to India?

There are some more allegations against Mr. Sharif which need satisfactory resolution:

*Mr. Sharif was said to have met Osama Bin Laden five times.
*Mr. Sharif was said to have declared in his 1988 election campaign that he would hoist Pakistan's flag on Red Fort, New Delhi.
*Late Benazir Bhutto accused that Laden financed Mr. Sharif, to topple her Government.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Has Jemina Khan been treated like Sita of Ramayana?

In Ramayana Uttara kaand`a, Shri Rama abandoned pregnant Sita in forests, only to satisfy the egos of priests and nobles who clamored for protection of dharma (= religion as interpreted by the priests and nobles).

If Imran Khan, former Pakistani Cricketer and present politician, disowned his wife Jemina Khan to please his friends in religious political parties like Jamaat E Islaami, then he must have behaved like Rama.

Jemina Khan led a Campaign in London in support of her husband. The legendary Sita instead of detesting Rama loved him. Is Jemina Khan now acting a 21st Century Sita?

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Current Indian lawyers seem to be worse than their Pakistani coutnerparts

Pakistan is in turmoil with declaration of emergency and the confinement of the Chief Justice of its Supreme Court.

The Pakistani lawyers and the Pak Judiciary have reacted quite responsibly. If they succeed, the Pak democracy may fall into safer hands.

If the same situation arises in India, would Indian lawyers have responded with equal sincerity? The Indian lawyers of yore participated in freedom struggle with great enthusiasm and spirit of sacrifice. Will it happen again now?

It is difficult to believe that Pak Lawyers and Judiciary are in hand glove with the Islamic Terrorists. Mushraff may be having his own problems, but that cannot be an excuse for continuing the military rule.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007


The US President George Bush ruled out US intervention in Pakistan to weed out Al Qaida terrorists.

US will play with Gen. Mushraff. If US reduces his feeling of security, he will be a toy in US hands. Direct intervention is a headache.

Added on June 1, 2011
Did Bush lie? Did Bush tell Obama while taking over as the new President, that all he (Bush) said about not-intervening in Pakistan was humbug?